Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant in Baltimore

When traveling to Baltimore, a trip to Little Italy is a must. The upscale chains (Ruth Chris, Mortons, Capital Grilles) of the Inner Harbor may be seductive, but those are available in all major cities. Little Italy is a historically Italian community, with most Italian families moving in in the early 1800’s and 1900’s and the houses being passed down from family to family. Most of the restaurants, such as Sabatino’s are located in converted rowhouses with many different seating areas and therefore, more seats. This allows for a shorter wait time, but this sometimes is not possible when there is a sports game (Orioles, Ravens) or a convention is in town.

While the Italian-American menu has the veal chops, spaghetti and Italian steaks familiar to most diners, the most popular dish is the dish made by Italian Grandmother’s and passed down by generation, the Lasagna. The Lasagna ($14.75) at Sabatino’s consists of layered pasta ribbons covered in tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzerella cheese, ground veal, salami and mushrooms.

The Garlic Bread at Sabatino’s ($5.75) is also a must, because you have to dip something in those delicious red sauces. The bread is covered with garlic (duh!), spices and grated fresh cheeses which give a better taste then the garlic bread simply covered in butter and garlic salt.

Sabatino’s Matchbook (in a large jar near the bar)

Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant
901 Fawn Street
Baltimore, MD
Sunday-Thursday: noon-midnight
Friday and Saturday: noon-3am


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