The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Baltimore

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a delightfully upscale seafood restaurant, all designed to resemble 1930’s Art Deco cruiseships. The Oceanaire in HarborEast is very large, and has three seperate dining areas as well as many cavernous private dining rooms. The mens bathrooms are very well supplied with many aftershaves, lotions, shoe buffers and barbisol for hair brushes. The waitstaff is very knowledgeable about the menu and can help you choose especially when there are so many selections to choose from. All of the daily specials are prepared in a special way while there is a selection of fish served simply grilled or broiled. The menu is printed on a thick piece of paper, as the selections change daily. The fish is flown in daily, with the fish swimming in the water the day before.

(borrowed from I was sitting in a very large centric area and did not feel that using flash was entirely appropriate, so here is a better picture of the Grand Shellfish Platter.

The Grand Shellfish Platter comes in two sizes: Large ($80) and Petite ($43). The Petite platter contains 1/2 of a lobster, 2 Jonah crab claws, 4 shrimp, 4 mussels, 4 oysters and 2 snow crab legs. The platter took a little while to arrive, but was well worth it. The shellfish was incredibly fresh and the oysters did not have a very salty taste as less-fresh oysters do.

The Fried Cod with Salt/Vinegar Fries ($16) was a large and very filling entree of fresh fried cod on a bed of salt and vinegar drizzled shoestring fries.

(image borrowed from for same reasons as above)
The hash browns are enough to feed a small (read: large) army is a great side dish to a meal, although Oceanaire’s side dishes seem to be more steakhouse than seashack (creamed corn, hash browns, creamed spinach).

The Baked Alaska ($6.95) at the Oceanaire, was the one dessert that I saw every table ordering. It had spread like malaria, as soon as one table saw the flaming dessert at another table, that table ordered it and then on. The sweet meringue surrounded a spiced ginger/chai ice cream on a brownie that was flambeed with Bacardi 151 rum. As promised, the meringue became soft and the ginger/chai ice cream remained cold and the dessert was the best part of the meal. Other desserts available were the Creme Brulee ($6.95), Milk and 4 Cookies ($4.95) and Dixie Cups ($.95). Yes, Dixie Cups, the little vanilla/chocolate ice cream cups from your youth with the little wooden spoons.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room
801 Aliceanna Street (in HarborEast)
Baltimore, MD 21202
Monday-Thursday, Sunday: 5pm-10pm
Friday and Saturday: 5pm-11pm


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