Tio Pepe in Baltimore

Tio Pepe’s is as much a part of Baltimore as blue crabs and Old Bay seasoning. Tio Pepe has played its part in graduations, anniversaries, weddings, weekend outings, vacations and any occasions where food is present. Its traditional Spanish (paella, suckling pig, etc.) menu has not been changed in years and many popular items are off-menu, so inquire with your waiter for those. The E. Franklin street rowhouse basement where the restaurant is located is both charming and romantic as you climb down the stairs into the darkened bar room to meet the maitre’d who retains your names and times in a large leather bound book. After that, he leads you to your table where you are served by a three tier system: the headwaiters who wear red jackets and take your orders, the waiters who bring out your food and wear golden jackets and the blue-jacketed busboys. As one of the final Baltimore institutions as Haussners, Marconi’s, the Chesapeake have already left, this is a must for residents and tourists alike. Oh, and jackets are required.

The Papas Souffle are inflated potato puffs commonly found in Spain and Latin American countries, especially Argentina. They taste like french fries but much lighter and better seasoned.

The suckling pig ($28.75)

The Helado Tio Pepe ($6.25) was a trio of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) covered with chocolate sauce, walnuts and pineapple.

Tio Pepe matchbooks, available in a container near the area where the maitre’d takes your reservations

Tio Pepe is an old-school experience no longer found in most cities packed with haute-cuisine restaurants where you pay through the nose for a piece of lettuce and a slice of fish, and must be experienced, as these restaurants are slowly dying off.

The entire menu along with other information can be found at: http://coloquio.com/coloquioonline/tiopepe.htm

Tio Pepe
10 E Franklin St
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 539-4675
Mon-Thu 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-10pm; Fri-Sat 5pm-10:30pm; Sun 4pm-10pm
Matchbooks- Yes


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  1. Donnell says:

    Wow, this place souns great…and looks great from their website.

    Thanks for posting

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