Pete’s Grille in Baltimore

Pete’s Grille is the kinda place you feel like you could go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sadly, its only open for the first two. When you enter Pete’s Grille there are never open seats, and you must wait, oh and there are no reservations. With a diverse mixture of black and white, college student and construction worker, the food stays classic and predictable. I’m talking about the best pancakes, home fries and breakfast in Baltimore. They do not shy away from displaying their awards on every surface and there is something for everyone on its menu. The service is friendly, complete with the Baltimore “hon”, but they do not shy away from asking you to leave when you have spent more than enough time there. The food is cheap and in large servings. It can be difficult to choose between breakfast and lunch, both which have been given many awards from the Baltimore Sun and Magazine, but choose breakfast, it always wows.

Pancakes at Pete’s Grille

Grilled Ham and Applesauce

Pete’s Grille
3130 Greenmount Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218
Monday-Saturday: 7 am-1:15 pm
Sunday: 8 am-1 pm


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