Petit Louis in Baltimore

As another restaurant by the Tony Foreman/Cindy Wolf syndicate, Petit Louis attempts and succeeds to replicate a traditional Parisian bistro by using decor and food. The walls are either covered in mirrors or vintage French posters while the floor is tiled. There is a zinc bar in the front part of the restaurant as well as large wine racks on the back side. The food is traditional French bistro fare complimented with excellent service and friendly waiters. The prices of the food range in the low $20’s, which is refreshing due to the overpriced nature of some French restaurants in the US.

All meals at Petit Louis come first with a butter croissant, a refreshing alternative to the usually stale bread and tasteless butter at many other restaurants.

Fruits a Saisson ($6): plateof kiwi, apple and canteloupe drizzled with a light honey sauce

Steak a Cheval ($17), steak with poached egg and potato gratin

Steak Frites ($24) with Maitre’d butter

Profiteroles ($9), cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream
on bittersweet chocolate sauce

Petit Louis Bistro
4800 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21210
(410) 366-9393
Lunch: Tuesday-Friday: 11:30am-2pm
Dinner: Monday-Thursday: 5pm-10pm;
Friday & Saturday: 5pm-11pm, Sunday: 5pm-9pm


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