The Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore

The Belvedere Hotel at the corner of Chase and Charles streets in Baltimore was built in 1903 as the premier hotel in Baltimore and all of Maryland. It was the favored social meeting spot for the debutantes and aristocracy of Maryland in the early 20th century. It was built on the spot of the house of John Eager Howard, a Maryland Revolutionary War hero. The Hotel was designed by Parker and Thomas who designed the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in the 1870’s. Many presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Herbert Hoover, John Kennedy stayed here as well as the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor (who grew up near the Belvedere), General Douglass MacArthur and the Queen of Romania. The Belvedere hit hard times in the 70’s and 80’s as much of Baltimore did, and it was converted into student-housing who mistreated it and eventually restored and converted into condominiums.


One Response to The Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore

  1. Jeremai says:

    Very nice! I’ve never seen inside before.

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