The Prime Rib in Baltimore

The Prime Rib is to Baltimore what Morton’s is to Chicago, simply put. Both have branched out from their original homes to having chains throughout the region (there is a Prime Rib in DC and Philly), but still having its roots planted deeply in the original location. The restaurant is located in the middle of upper-class Mount Vernon, a few blocks away from the Belvedere Hotel (read: condominiums) and has been there since 1965. Sadly, the restaurant is located in a drab 1950’s condo building, it is well worth it. There is very few street level parking spots, and you will need to use their valet service, and it is entirely complimentary (except tip).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was designed to replicate a 1950’s Manhattan Supper Club complete with jazz musicians playing the bass and piano, as well as leopard-pattern rug. You may not notice it until you drop a fork, but when you see it, you won’t forget. Reservations are required, as well as a jacket and they are not planning on eliminating either anytime soon. The recommended choices are the Caesar Salad ($8.95), if your not from MD the crab cake ($16.95) , and as the namesake, the Prime Rib ($41.95), which the restaurant says “is always available.” Also, as the waiters will tell you, the potato skin, the famous appetizer you can get at any TJ-McFunster suburban casual dining restaurant, is available and was made here in 1965.

The 32oz Prime Rib ($41.95)

Steak Fries ($5.50)

Hot Fudge Sundae ($7.50)

The Prime Rib
1101 N. Charles Street (between Chase and Biddle streets)
Baltimore, MD 21202
Matchbooks: yes
Monday-Thursday: 5pm-11pm
Friday and Saturday: 5pm-midnight
Sunday: 4pm-10pm


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