Hotel Raphael in Paris

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The Hotel Raphael, unlike other expensive hotels in Paris was not built as a palace and then converted to a hotel, but was built as a hotel in 1925. The guest rooms, all of which are shaped different and furnished with antiques each have character which seems to have disappeared with the emergence of the chain hotel. The hotel is located in the posh yet quiet 16th arrondissement district which is the home to the mansions of the Parisian riche and many financial firms (not a coincidence). It is located the Avenue Kleber, which radiates from the Arc de Triomphe and is located a few blocks away from the Champs-Elysees. Its not the Crillon or the Ritz, but this hotel is reasonable yet having the class and luxury of hotels, twice its price.

View of the Hotel Raphael from the south

Lobby of the Hotel Raphael

Street entrance of the Hotel Raphael

Portrait of the original owner of the Hotel Raphael

One of the many tapestries placed throughout the hotel

Staircase of the Hotel Raphael

Stained glass located on each of the stairways

Double room at the Hotel Raphael

Double room at the Hotel Raphael

The rooftop bar/restaurant that gives great views of Paris, night and day

Hotel Raphael matchbook, availabel in all rooms, bars and restaurants in the hotel.

Hotel Raphael
17 Avenue de Kleber, 16th
Paris, France
Matchbooks: yes


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