Martick’s Restaurant Francais in Baltimore

Martick’s Restaurant Francais

Martick’s Restaurant Francais is a unique restaurant, which many people come to thinking one way, but leave thinking the complete opposite. It is located on Mulberry Street between North Howard and Park Avenue, which is a one-way street going westward, so you may need to round the block before getting onto the right block. It is located in a neighborhood which is fine during the day but can get a little rough at night. The building which looks old and dilapidated, many people pass and do not think of as a restaurant and assume it is a bad restaurant because of its trappings. Due to the surrounding neighborhood, there is a doorbell which you have to ring to get inside. As soon as you ring it, the mailslot to the left of the door opens and the door opens. The interior can be called kitsch, eclectic or weird, but it is authentic. The building which was owned by Morris Martick (the owners) parent’s was originally a speakeasy that fronted as a grocery store during prohibition, and retains the original lamps, tile floor and bar. The walls are covered in a snakeskin-pattern wallpaper while the roof is black-painted tin. Morris Martick lives inside the house, does all the cooking by himself upstairs and is helped by waiters as well as his sister, Rose who calls him “Marty.” Besides doing all the cooking, the octogenarian Morris picks up all the ingredients daily in his pickup truck and will not cook a meal if the ingredients are not fresh or available. Various antique wooden French statues line the walls, and a large Espresso machine from the 1890’s, which can still operate occupy space inside the restaurant. Morris Martick was born inside this house, and ran it as a bar populated with the beat-crowd during the 50’s and 60’s, until he became fed up by behavior brought on by alcohol and he went to France returning in 1970, to open the first French restaurant in Baltimore. Various internet sites say that the dress code is jacket and tie, but when we called he said that casual was fine, so before you go, ask Mr. Martick what the dress code should be. Due to the surrounding area, most diners come at 6 or 7pm. The specialties are the pate, the sweet potato soup, rack of lamb, bouillabaise and the profiteroles. You must visit this restaurant before it closes as it is one of Baltimore’s only remaining institutions as the Chesapeake, Marconi’s, Haussner’s all have closed. Mr. Martick’s complains about cooking to his sister, Rose, the waitress, but she insists he will do nothing else. However, he is 85 and life tends to shorten at that age, but his cooking continues to be the best French cook, if not best cook in the city.

Facing the back of the restaurant

Another view of the restaurant

The rear of the restaurant

The Bread Lady Statue

Sweet Potato Soup-7

Lamb Chops with Horseradish Sauce and Potatoes

Beef Burgundy

The best Profiteroles that I have ever had!

Other food on the menu that I could remember:

Garlic Bread
New Zealand Green Lip Mussels
Shrimp Cocktail
Seafood Salad
Cheval Salad
House Salad
Portobello Salad
Roast Duck
Rack of Lamb
Beef Burgundy
Large Sea Scallops
Persian Chicken
Salmon Florentine
Peach Bread Pudding
Raspberry Torte

Martick’s Restaurant Francais
214 W. Mulberry St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
Tues-Sun: 5pm-11pm


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