Donna’s Cafe in Baltimore

Donna’s Cafe in Baltimore

Donna’s Cafe in the Cross Keys center located in the upscale Roland Park neighborhood of north Baltimore goes for two things: first to be chic and hip, while being suitable to all ages. This allows for a casual restaurant with class yet not discriminating anyone due to age. The restaurant has white wood tables, black chairs, brushed metal everywhere and a bar that is suited more for serving coffee-based drinks than the alcoholic variety. Once you enter the door located next to the Red Door Spa, there is a stand where the head waiter takes your name and finds your seat, which placed next to it, is a box filled of delicious cellophane wrapped baked goods. Donna’s is popular with students from the Johns Hopkins University as well as Roland Park residents and office workers in the Cross Keys office complex. I’ve never been there for lunch, which many people say has more young people, but usually has a mix of younger people and 30-40’s year olds trying to be hip. The food is usually inventive modifications of classic cuisine, and i’m sorry for the quality of the pictures as this was a spur-of-the-moment decision and I didn’t have my camera. Just the one on my iPhone.

Hot Chocolate

Kobe Beef Burger


Donna’s Cafe
5100 Falls Road/40 Village Square
Baltimore, MD 21210
Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday: 11am-10pm
Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 10am-9pm


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