HarborEast in Baltimore Part One

The HarborEast development was a brainchild of H&S Properties and Streuver Bros. Eccles Rouse. It was designed to bring revitalization and gentrification to an area southeast of the Inner Harbor, one block across from Little Italy and a few blocks west of Fells Point.

The Marriott Waterfront Hotel on Aliceanna Street in HarborEast. The only accomodations at this point in HarborEast are either Marriotts (Waterfront (pictured), Courtyard) or Hiltons (Garden Inn, Homewood Suites). However, in a year or two, a Four Seasons condominium/hotel will be constructed bringing in luxury accomodations to the area.

A shot of the Marriott Waterfront hotel from Little Italy

A shot of the Marriott Waterfront Hotel with the Legg Mason/Four Seasons construction lot

720 Aliceanna Street building with the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in the background, 720 Aliceanna street contains above ground parking, and three restaurants: Fleming’s steakhouse, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurant, and James Joyce bar

Fleming’s steakhouse located on the ground floor of 720 Aliceanna Street, it is connected to the Marriott Waterfront Hotel by an above ground walkway and also contains two other restaurants: Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion and James Joyce as well as parking

800 Aliceanna Street containing two hotels: Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites as well as many condominiums

800 Aliceanna Street building with a Haagen Daz on the ground floor as well as a Landmark Theatres movie theatre

The Oceanaire Restaurant located on the bottom floor of the Spinnaker Bay condominium building

The Marriott Waterfront entrance on the left side with 800 Aliceanna Street and Spinnaker Bay in the background

800 Aliceanna Street from Little Italy

Down Aliceanna street west

800 Aliceanna street on the left, and Courtyard Marriott/1000 Aliceanna street on the right

The Harborview Condominium Building and Ritz-Carlton Residences

The Ritz-Carlton Residences located across from HarborEast on the western side of the Inner Harbor

The Intercontinental HarborCourt Hotel, is the only 5-star hotel in Baltimore until the Four Seasons is built is located on the other side (west) of the Inner Harbor


2 Responses to HarborEast in Baltimore Part One

  1. steve says:

    Excelent tour! I love the Harbor East area! That part of the city is booming! Can’t wait until 4 seaseons and the new legg mason towers are built.

  2. BC Planning says:

    Great pics, especially of the water front condos

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