Little Italy in Baltimore

Little Italy in Baltimore has been a staple of Baltimore culture and cuisine, even though it is insulted by foodie critics, it remains one of Baltimoreans and non-Baltimoreans favorite areas of Baltimore, and surprisingly is still inhabited mostly by Italians.

La Tavola restaurant on 248 Albemarle Street

Mama Cellina’s restaurant on the corner of Fawn and Albermarle street, which used to be occupied by the Maria’s “300” restaurant

Vaccaro’s is a dessert/bakery in Little Italy that is a preferred after-dinner stop because of its famous cannolis and other Italian baked goods

Velleggia’s Restaurant located on the corner of Albemarle and Pratt streets

Da Mimmo restaurant located on High Street

Amicci’s restaurant located on High Street

Caesar’s Den located on High Street

Germano’s Trattoria located on High Street

Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant located on Fawn and High Streets

Rocco’s restaurant located on High Street

Chiapparelli’s Restaurant located on High Street

Dalesio’s Restaurant located on Eastern Avenue and High Street, a favorite dining place of Peter Angelos, the owner of the Orioles

Frank Velleggia’s Casa di Pasta, across from Velleggia’s restaurant is the retail location for homemade pasta and sauces served in their restaurant

The Flag House located next to the Reginald F. Lewis African-American museum was where the Star-Spangled Banner was sewn

Looking north, towards the Shot Tower

The Reginald F. Lewis museum and the Flag House

The Reginald F. Lewis museum and the Flag House


2 Responses to Little Italy in Baltimore

  1. BC Planning says:

    This neighborhood is getting squeezed by development

  2. mreid01 says:

    Yeah, the neighborhood is being squeezed by development on all sides, the area south of the shot tower on the north side of Little Italy; the south side of Little Italy by HarborEast. Really, though, there are too many surface parking lots in LI, there should be more parking in HarborEast to access Little Italy. Also, many of the rowhouses are deteriorating, and more should be done about that. Also, something should be done about Maria “300”‘s. Reopen it, please.

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