Midtown Baltimore Photography

March 17, 2008

The area that I photographed is the cultural center of Baltimore, with many of its stately townhouses, along with the Baltimore School of Art, Contemporary Museum, Maryland Historical Society and Walters Art Gallery. It is sandwiched on the north by Midtown and its townhouses and on the south by the Central Business District.

The Contemporary Museum

From the left to right: St. James Place, New Howard Hotel, Congress Hotel and Mayfair Theatre

A townhouse on W. Monument Street

The Enoch Pratt House

The Contemporary Museum from the Maryland Historical Society

A townhouse across from the Maryland Historical Society

The Winona Apartment Building

Another view of the Winona Apartment Building

The First Presbyterian Church (thanks for correction!)

Another view of the Grace and St. Peter’s Church

The entrance to the Grace and St. Peter’s school

Looking east down W. Monument Street

The Maryland Historical Society

Another view of the Maryland Historical Society


Station North/Penn Station/Charles North Area

March 16, 2008

The Station North/Penn Station/Charles North area that I photographed is located on the northern side of the Jones Falls Expressway, and is the target for gentrification and redevelopment. It is seen as a gateway from Midtown Baltimore, with its stately townhouses and Charles Village/Johns Hopkins area, with its intellectual students and faculty. The area, which had been depressed by white flight and suburbanization, still has many high quality townhouses and is being designated as a art zone by the City of Baltimore. Even though, a formerly vacant block stretching from E. Lanvale street and E. Lafayette street on Calvert Street was rebuilt with modern townhouses, much work remains to be done. The area seems to be held down by the Charles Theatre, where much of the redevelopment is based around.

The Railway Express Building

The Railway Express Building is a historically-designated building that sits across from the Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore, and was used to sort mail that was shipped in by train to Baltimore. No longer used for that purpose, it has been converted into loft condominiums.

The southeast view of the Railway Express Building

A closeup of the Railway Express Building’s decoration

Mount Royal Hotel and Apartments

The Mount Royal Hotel and Apartments; which are now all condominiums, face Penn Station on Mount Royal Avenue. The taller building on the left was used as a hotel and the shorter building on the right was used as apartments until they both were converted into condominiums.

A northwest view of the Mount Royal Hotel and Apartments

Entrance to the Mount Royal Hotel building

Mount Royal Apartment Building

Another view of the Mount Royal Apartment Building

The Chesapeake Restaurant

The Chesapeake Restaurant, located in a converted block of 4 (or 5) rowhouses was considered one of the best restaurants to dine in Baltimore. The restaurant was established in 1935 and was considered along with Haussner’s, Miller Brothers, Marconi’s and Tio Pepes as one of Baltimore’s best restaurants. . It closed in 1983, and was briefly reopened in 1986, but closed quickly after that.

The Chesapeake Restaurant Sign (“The Chesapeake: Fine American Cuisine”)

The Chesapeake Sign

This beautiful stained glass doorway was located on a rowhouse on E. Lanvale Street between St. Paul street and Hargrove Alley.

These townhouses are located on St. Paul’s street and Lanvale Street

Station North townhouses

The 32 Station North townhouses that are located on Calvert Street between Lanvale street and E. Lafayette street, are a bet on the revival of the Charles North/Station North neighborhood, they ranged from $378,000 to $502,000; however few sold. Prices were reduced to around $290,000 to attract more homebuyers.

The Garage

The Garage in Baltimore is a building that is currently being used by the University of Baltimore, but existed previously as a car dealership as this area used to be occupied by many. The building style looks fairly new, but it dates from the 1920/30’s.

The Tower Building

Looking west down Mount Royal Avenue

Looking down Charles Street
The Charles Theatre

The Charles Theatre is a movie theatre that shows mostly independent and art movies, but also shows movies that are considered high-quality and does research before selecting a movie to show.

The Charles Theatre

This block across from the Charles Theatre houses the Club Charles, Zodiac and a vintage diner.

The Walbert Building

The University of Baltimore

The Pennsylvania Station

The 51-foot aluminum statue by Jonathan Borofsky that stands outside Penn Station has been criticized as ruining the beauty of the Beaux-Arts station that sits behind it.

The lobby of the Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore

A bench in the Pennsylvania Station lobby

Pennsylvania Station stained glass ceiling

A letter box in the Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore

The waiting area in the Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore

One of the doors that lead down to the train terminals

A relief in Penn Station (Baltimore) that shows two babies/infants with fishing nets who just captured a large fish.

The outdoor waiting area at Pennsylvania Station

The back of Pennsylvania station from E. Lanvale Street